tyler-farringtonHello. I am Tyler Farrington, owner and operator of Machias Bay Wreath in Machiasport, Maine. I’m also a lobster fisherman, making my living from Maine’s natural resources throughout the year.

I grew up around the wreath industry in coastal Washington County and spent many fall seasons rustling through the brisk Maine woods in search of balsam brush, tipping. I love the smell, look, and feel of a traditional Christmas wreath handmade with balsam fir.

While I sold my brush to other wreath companies, I wanted to be more involved in creating the final product. I am proud to give families a little bit of the Maine I love in the form of beautiful, fragrant balsam fir Christmas wreaths.

In 2013, I started Machias Bay Wreath. Today, my business is growing and employs hardworking people in Downeast Maine. The desirable balsam fir tips I sold years prior are now used in my own wreath shop. Each brush tipper and wreath maker shares the same passion that I have for the business.

Our balsam fir tips are sustainably harvested. Wreaths are carefully handcrafted and decorated resulting in an elegant product that we are proud to ship.

The love, help and support of my family and friends have helped make Machias Bay Wreath possible. Additionally, I’m fortunate for the two wonderful mentors who have helped throughout the process of starting Machias Bay Wreath. Thank you all for your part in Machias Bay Wreath!